Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alexander Kosolapov

Kosolapov is a very interesting artist which mixes symbols or icons of both the West and the East in his work (a representative of Sots art, an ironic Soviet version of the Westerners Pop art). An exiled artist in New York during the Cold War he is most famous for his Lenin+ Coca Cola works; the mixing is the most interesting part of his work as it helps bring irony to the images created (see the Lenin series on the artist website at:


Caterina said...

More on Sots art: see the file of an exhibition organized in Paris (in French)

irene caesar said...

Hello Caterina! I have recently become aware of your blog and your research. Unfortunately, I did not find any email on any of your pages. I invite you to view my ideological and political subversions, produced as absurd performances documented by photography at: I will be interested to have a dialogue with you. Thank you, Irene Caesar

Bikram Singh Majithia said...

Kosolapov is good artist. very good post.